Cabin Baggage Rules

The following are the rules concerning the passage of animals on Etihad Airways’ flights in Economy class…

Pets in cabin – Weight Concept
The carriage of animals in the cabin is restricted to falcons only and is permitted on all types of aircraft subject to the following conditions:

  • 1 falcon per guest (per seat) is permitted. Charge for one falcon (which is considered 3 kilos) is 3 times the normal excess baggage rate of the journey.
  • 1 additional falcon can be carried when an extra seat is purchased within same class. No excess baggage charges for the additional falcon will apply.

    Dubai Falconer and Falcon

    Dubai Falconer and Falcon


6 responses to “Cabin Baggage Rules

  1. I like finding bizarre rules that occur in other parts of the world. Imagine trying to take any animal on to a flight in Australia.

    Makes you want to own a falcon.

  2. Me too! Australia is totally retentive about animals on flights, in hotels and in general for some reason.

    I think it would be awesome to own a falcon but I’m pretty sure the Burmese would die of fright!

    I think I might settle for an Arabian horse while I’m there but I haven’t mentioned this to Richard yet. LOL

  3. that is crazy! i had to read it a few times because i was in disbelief that you could actually take an animal on board. haha..very strange!

  4. They don’t even say the falcon has to be in a cage! Hey, you could take Beaky the lorrikeet. You could put a burqua (hood) on him and pretend he was a falcon!

    Actually, maybe that’s not such a great idea. The real falcons might eat him. They eat other flying things.

  5. …yeah but are Falcons entitled to free wine and beer on the flights like their human counterparts?

    • A friend of mine is suggesting that we can go falcon hunting with his brother some time.
      We have had a few conversations learning about falcons and how they behave in the house.

      They are not so keen on kids and their loud noises but they are not unique here.

      I understand that they are highly strung and very sensitive to their environment and do not like being petted from behind.

      They also do not like being confined to cages. Most fascinating.

      We may have to wait until some warmer months to do this but sounds great.

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