Feeling a little better about getting the house completely vacated and myself on a plane by the end of next week. Today I actually chose a removalist company from my list of quotes and asked for the paperwork to be forwarded so I can sign it and pay the moving deposit.

Shipping Container

Shipping Container

At present I’m looking at taking 10 cubic metres of space in a shared container, which will take between 9 and 13 weeks to arrive in Dubai. The container will need to be full before it will be shipped. This means other people need to book the same service I have done.. and our stuff goes in the same container. Cosy.

The variance in time accounts for the time it might take to get other bookings to fill the container. I have taken the option that if no further bookings are received I can have the container sealed and shipped with just our stuff in it. For the pleasure of sending it two thirds empty I will have to pay another $2000 Australian dollars. My fingers are crossed that they can fill the container with other people’s stuff.

The removalists have been scheduled for next Friday, my last day of work. That should be fun. I’ll have my exit interviews on the same day as I supervise the packing up of the house. Can I just say ‘Send valium now?’ Then I’ll sleep on the floor with the cats for one night (luckily I am good at floor sleeping) and fly myself out the next day. Sweet!


The cats are going to be babysat (catsat?) for a couple of weeks by a good friend of mine and ex-colleague from Cap Gemini who is moving into our flat. This is so much better than having to put them in a kennel for weeks. They don’t even know what lucky cats they are! Although, after spending 2-3 months in quarantine / kennels last year when we moved back to Australia, perhaps they do. I swore I wouldn’t do that to them again. So this time they get to stay in their own home, with a foster father, and then a reasonable length flight (compared to the last one) of 14 hours and they will be in Dubai, and in their new home within a day or so.


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