Pidgin English

Here are some local words I am trying to commit to memory… I am particularly fond of the local Hindi-English word for closed, ‘Drinktea’.

Can anyone work out the origin of Un-dingable (‘Can’t stand it’)???

    • Filmi: Melodramatic
    • Jungli: Uncultured
    • Badmash: Hooligan
    • Chaddies: Underpants
    • Slow-slow: Slow down
    • Blarder: Brother
    • Bodoh: Stupid
    • Drinktea: Closed
    • Un-dingable: Can’t stand it
    • Torunbusiness: Open

    2 responses to “Pidgin English

    1. I can just hear the sentence you’ll be uttering a few times during your stay there:”Oh don’t crap your chaddies, mate!”

    2. Undingable = Unthinkable????

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