It rained!!!

Update: Richard just told me her personally saw 6-8 accidents on the highway today. Most were right offs and one was an upside down truck. Unbelievable!


Apparently it rained today!

Rain is greeted by residents of the Emirates with much the same enthusiasm as snow is by residents of Australian capital cities, or a hot sunny day for the Dutch (sorry Nederlanders!).

One again, traffic proved that it is completely incapable of taking into account any environmental factors by producing 22 separate accidents on the Dubai to Abu Dabi highway between 7:30am and 9am (this is the highway my husband drives on every day.)

How often does it rain? Typically less than 10 days per year. I drew up a quick comparison chart of the rainfall in Sydney, Amsterdam and Dubai (in millimetres). Check it out…

Rainfall between cities

Rainfall between cities

I have copied a section of the following article from Gulf News to give you an idea of how high profile rain is the Emirates. I particularly like the quote from 8-year-old Adarsh Shahani, “Usually I get to see the rain only when I go for vacation to India,” he says.

Refer full article:


And while we are on the subject of rain I have the perfect reason to show you this probably silly – although possibly brilliant – idea for a building in Dubai modeled after a rain cloud. I have to say the CGI photos make it look rather average. But I’d like to withhold judgment until I see the actual live building (if it goes ahead).

Proposed Dubai Cloud Building

Proposed Dubai Cloud Building


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