Arrgh Bureaucracy!

Gotta love bureaucracy… the UAE embassy has documents that we sent them last week for legalisation (birth certificates and degrees). They were due back at the earliest last Thursday. Still haven’t seen them. These documents are needed before Richard can start the residence permit application process.

The embassy website says business hours are from 9am until 3:30pm. This is stated directly underneath the contact telephone numbers. I just called them at 2:15pm and was told they closed for business at 1pm. When I mentioned that the website said 3:30pm I was told that was correct. ‘But phone inquiries close at 1pm’.

Doh! (Slaps head)

The only thing that makes me feel any better is that bureaucracy everywhere is much the same. I have just as many dumb stories about Australia and the Netherlands.

Hermits that live in caves have the right idea. Caves don’t require residence permits, and their website contact details are conspicuously accurate and well maintained. Snicker.


2 responses to “Arrgh Bureaucracy!

  1. You’re right – bureaucrats, or my preferred descriptor of ‘Cardigans’ are the same pointless, obfuscating breed the world over.

  2. Yeah. Bad managers need somewhere to hang out right?

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