From aaarrgh to aaahh!

Maybe there is a reason for everything. (Okay – that’s some crystal gazing BS right there, but that’s how I’m feeling so bare with me.)

Today the legalised documents turned up in the mail via express post! Woo hoo! This means I am free to join my newly-joined-in-matrimony and very lovely better half, Richard! S.W.E.E.T. I can now go ahead and book a flight to Dubai.

Of course we all know that flights = champagne and a duty free catalogue. I was browsing the online duty free catalogue for Emirates and saw this piece of craziness…

1957 Mercedes

Mercedes1957 Mercedes Benz SL 190

Yep. You can buy yourself one of these when the duty free cart comes around. It will set you back the princely sum of US$95,000.00 or 26,543,800 Miles.

I think I need one.

Think of all the points I’ll accrue when I put that on the Amex!!! Alan Greenspan had nothing on me. Nothing I tell you!

Now… if you are not taking me seriously yet wait until you see the catalogue section entitled ‘Yachts and Submarines’.

See! Would I lie to you?


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