And back to Arghhh!

Remember my last post when I said I went from Arrrrgh to Ahhh? Well its back to Arrrrgh again!

The infamous legal documents were safely placed into my hand luggage. I didn’t pack them in my large suitcase because I am going to check that into the hold, and it might – just might – get lost. So hand luggage seemed the best and safest option.


Today the removalists came and packed up everything in the house except the stuff I am taking on the plane. Guess what? They accidentally packed up my hand luggage – with the documents – and my work laptop that is due to be returned tomorrow as it is my last day of work.

This is the kind of murphy’s law that will – at some point in an international move – bight you right in the ass. You can plan and contingency plan and yes, you can learn from your mistakes the first time. But at some point the shit is going to hit the fan.

Now for the counter-attack…

Since I know my stuff has not been loaded into a container yet it must be somewhere in the state of NSW. Its even probably somewhere in the vicinity of Sydney. Hell, if i have to fly somewhere first thing it in the morning to collect it myself then I will. (I have an empty ticket up my sleeve with Qantas that is going

begging anyway).

I have left a voicemail and email for the moving company telling them they are gonna have to arrange to open up the boxes and give me the stuff. Luckily they have been incredibly professional and have labelled every box with inventory descriptions. So it should be do-able. Let me rephrase that… it WILL be do-able!

All I can do is pat myself on the back for having the foresight of booking an evening flight which does not depart until 9:50pm. That gives me all day to track down the bags and collect them.

Please Lord, let me get through this challenge relatively unharmed and be on the flight with documents safely tucked into my bra tomorrow at 9:50pm. Thank you. Amen.


One response to “And back to Arghhh!

  1. Hello Sophie happy to lend my collage work to such a nice blog.

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