Dubai is completely amazing. Really, really AMAZING! So far I am loving it. The expatriate population is huge (95% of the total) and at any one time you can look around and see people from several different continents.

The place is basically a big sandpit with sky scrapers and Tonka Trucks. But amongst the frenetic building – which goes on at night as well – there is beauty. The palms are stately and elegant, and where we live is teeming with all kinds of birds that I never seen before.

I searched the internet and identified a some.

White-Eared Bul Bul

White-Eared Bulbul

These little things had me fascinated because they reminded me of a woodpecker. (Actually, I’m not even sure I know what a woodpecker looks like so just give me an eye-roll and continue eating your bagel)…

They are found in mid and southern Iraq, southern Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and north-western India, parts of Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, and and the UAE. Not sure why they don’t appear in other Gulf states. They are very pretty and have yellow bottoms (cute!)

Laughing Dove (also Senegal Dove)

Laughing Doves

This little guy is one of the prettiest pigeons around. Very small and delicate-looking. They don’t appear to be flea-ridden or in plague proportions like regular pigeons. They breed and live in the tropics in Africa, south of the Sahara, the Middle East and southern Asia east to India (thanks wiki).

Yes they coo.


2 responses to “Dubai!

  1. I saw another version of the Bul bul today. He didn’t have white cheeks (or ears) and he had a red bottom.

  2. Awwww, ya gotta love a bird with a bright yellow bottom. Or a red one….

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