The Rains

The rains have come early this year they say. Its rained maybe 3 times since I’ve been here, and I’ve only been here 4 to 5 days. This evening its really pelting down. We live on level two (English level two / US level three) and there are two floors above us. So I cannot hear the rain on the roof at all but I can certainly hear it hitting the trees below and it sounds HEAVY.

I cannot really describe the feeling of rain the desert other than to say it is as wonderful and life-affirming as a beautiful sunny day in London or Amsterdam.  Not something that happens very often… but when it does it seems that all the people step a little lighter and feel connected with nature just that bit more than usual.

Sand Cats

I was thinking about the sand cats tonight. Sand Cats (Felis Margarita) are a small wild cat and native to the Arabian desert. During they day they shelter under rocks to keep cool. At night they hunt for rodents, lizards and insects and they get all their moisture from their prey, so they don’t need to drink. I guess the Sand Cats are hiding under a rock somewhere tonight, out of the rain and telling their rumbling tummies that the rain can’t last long and soon the critters they usually prey on will be back out looking for food too.

Sand Cat

Sand Cat


One response to “The Rains

  1. You need to imagine this guy wet and hungry to get the full pathetic picture.

    I’d give him a piece of doona!

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