Hard Drive Crash!

Sorry for the lack of updates!  My hard drive finally died last week.  The faithful HP widescreen laptop that I bought in Amsterdam several years ago has been living on borrowed time for at least a year or two now.

It wasn’t the fanciest laptop in the world even when it was new.  My laptops always seem to die when I have just spent a lot of money on something else and am consequently cash-poor.  So I didn’t spend a lot on it.  I was fortunate enough that my friend also needed a new laptop at the time and she did all the work researching laptops for a good balance of price versus functionality.  So when she decided on the HP I got my husband (then fiance) to give it the thumbs up (boys love a gadget purchase) and I bought one too. I think my friend already retired hers to a low-demand user a couple of years back.  But mine has been doing its job faithfuly all that time.

I only ran Outlook and Mozilla on it in the end.  It was too old and weak to cope with the later versions of Internet Explorer.  I used to joke about adding a new option to the pop-ups you get on certain applications asking if you want to upgrade to the latest version (Flash, Adobe, etc.)  I felt a ‘Hell No!’ or a ‘Do I look suicidal to you’ would have been very appropriate. Occasionally my husband would use it for something and absent-mindedly accept a request to upgrade.  Then there would be recriminations from me followed by uninstalls and then promises never to touch my hardware again.

I was rather fond of that PC actually. I really enjoyed using it. I hope it’s happy in the interent cafe in the sky…downloading all the new software its missed out of the past 2 years without fear of disaster. RIP HP.

So you are now being broadcast to from the desktop of a massive Dell Lattitude D820 which is a developers machine that belongs to my husband. He has another laptop for work so he suggested I requisition this until I can decide what I want to replace the HP with (okay, and also when I don’t have shipping costs and housing set up costs breathing down my neck.  Like I said. The always seem to die when I’m poor.) The Dell is a magnificent beast that could probably run a space-station and is nearly as heavy as one.  Having it on your lap while you type feels a bit like being pinned by a fallen beam. Not a long term solution but a very good one for the meantime for which I am very grateful.


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