Happy Birthday to Me!!!

Today is my birthday… and I can honestly say that having Mozzle survive this near-death experience is the best birthday present I have EVER had!

BESTest Birthday Present Evah!!!

BESTest Birthday Present Evah!!!

I want to send a hello to all the wonderful people that sent me a ‘happy birthday’ today…

Miriam – perfecting her bedside manner in Townsville (the rara skirt’s a nice touch!)
– dancing with underwear models in LA (didn’t you do that last year?)
– sipping cocktails on the way to Omaha – champagne and a sleeping pill (affectionately referred to as a  ‘Chemical Upgrade’)
– being nominated for innovaton prizes in Amsterdam
– taking a vow of silence in London
– Vogue-ing in NYC
My Dad
– in Melbourne planning how to invest my lotto winnings.
playing with fireworks in Sydney
– cat-herding in Sydney
– sharing my birthday and keeping accenture Taipei in business
– kerst dranken in Brussels
Fatima – looking impossibly lovely (as usual) in Brussels
Fiona – preparing for adventure in Perth
Claire – double-billing with the Meat Sluts in SFO
and finally…… Richard – my lovely husband who spent an exhausting and successful day with me in Dubai hunting for a birthay present!

You guys are the BEST!


4 responses to “Happy Birthday to Me!!!

  1. He looks silly!

  2. what did you end up chosing for your bday present?

  3. Hi sophie,
    I’ve finally figured out how this works (being a person from the FIRST half of last century. God that’s old!). Hope you had a great day on your birthday AS WELL as getting good news about Mozz. We WERE thinking about you on Saturday as we struggled through the crowds here and in the evening we had a toast to another year. Did you feel our vibes??
    I guess you don’t have Christmas shopping over there, do you? Must be good not having all the Kitschmas crap in the shops. What did you choose as a birthday present?
    Cheers, the 3 R’s and E

  4. Miri and Rose,

    Richard bought me a bouganvillia for my birthday. It’s lovely! I added a post about it after this.

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