Mozz lives!

He’s going to live!!!

The Specialist diabetes vet was fantastic. They can stablise his blood glucose and get him clinically well enough to fly. He said the diabetes might resolves itself once the pancreas gets back its full function. The non-functioning pancreas is why he is not eating but that will get better in a few days to a week.

He also told me that because he was a Male Burmese he is the highest risk for diabetes of any cat sex and breed. So we will have to manage the diabetes through diet and exercise when he gets here. This means structured play times with cat toys for Mozz to keep him fit. He’s going to really enjoy that.

He reckons Mozz will be well enough to fly in about 4 weeks just to be on the safe side. The stress of the flight will make him a short term high risk for pancreatitis again so we will have to watch him closely for a while when he gets here.


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