Photos from The Greens, Dubai

I grabbed the camera yesterday and wandered around The Greens and The Views and took some photos. Here is a selection…

Stepped Wall - The Greens, Dubai.

Stepped Wall - The Greens, Dubai.

I really want to upgrade the camera to a Leica digital… its on the list but at the moment not at the top.  Before we went digital I had a Leica instant camera and it took superb photos. If anyone has any advice they would like to give me on which Leica digital to buy it would be gratefully received.  While my father is a professional photographer he doesn’t do digital. He’s a purist (or maybe just old) and thus no help to me in this area. I prefer digital because it gives me the ability to crop things before I decide what I want to keep.

A fallen frangipani flower lies in the grass. The Greens, Dubai.

A fallen frangipani flower lies in the grass. The Greens, Dubai.

I haven’t forgotten my father’s advice when it comes to having an interesting photographic record of events… cull, cull, cull!

No-one wants to see the same photo twice but from a slightly different angle just because you cannot decide which one you like best.  Nor do they want to be told, ‘ You cannot really see it properly here but …..  blah blah’ Its funny because when people show me their happy family snaps with the feet or heards cut off, I have to fight the urge to grab the offending photo and frisbee it into the nearest waste paper basket. (And yes, it is possible to frisbee a photo over short distances Ever skipped a stone?)

I have to cull the photos away from my husband, because he gets mortified when I delete ‘perfectly good photographs’  just because there might be too many of that subject. We have had mini-wars over this.  He calls me ‘Miss Delete’. Once I actually did delete something by mistake (well, I cropped it and saved over the original by mistake). I knew he had a backup so I had to go to him and ask if it could be restored.  I think the satisfaction he gained from that humiliating episode still sustains him 😉

Winding Path - The Greens, Dubai.

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