The best thing about being married is conversations like these….

Tonight Richard and I went out for a casual dinner with two guys that have just joined the company Richard works for. One is a South African from the UK, and the other is a Morrocan who has lived pretty much everywhere. Good guys! The Moroccan guy was also very good looking and single. Note to self: alert single girlfriends.

Afterwards we popped into the Carrefour to buy some fruit and we took a impromptu walk down one of the eletronics aisles. There were a selection of digital frames on display next to the portable media disks that Richard was looking at. This is the conversation that ensued…

Me: ‘I think I’d like to get a (electronic) FRAME’
Richard (affectionate voice): ‘Do you darling?’
Me: ‘Yes. I never thought I wanted one in the past. But the other day I was thinking about it, and I thought I might quite like to have one.’
Richard (still in affectionate voice): ‘…and what would you do with a BRAIN my love?’
Me: ‘Not brain….. FRAME!……………………..Just continue with what you’re looking at and forget about the whole conversation! Fuck!’


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