Gaza – what end?

It’s very hard to see a way forward with this conflict.

Can more bloodshed achieve a lasting peace?  There’s no doubt that countries can live side-by-side in harmony after war.  Living in the Netherlands with Germany next-door was proof of that to me. What concerns me is that for that peace to happen, one side had to be stripped of all its power to defend itself, before it was forced to accept whatever peace terms were offered.

Would it be fair to say, that by the end of WWII, the crushing defeat of Germany was a less controversial action by the Allies than if Israel defeated Palestine with bombs and ground offensives?

The entire Arab community feels a bond with the fate of the Palestinians. And while the Arabs might not be willing to physically stand between the Palestinians and Israel – at least while the US dominates the world economy – the continuation of this conflict drives a deeper wedge between the Arab community and the West each day.

We all know that there is no happy ending to this conflict. But some degree of peace must be achieved or we will produce a whole generation  – Arabs, Jews and Westerners – that has hate in its heart for those it perceives are indifferent to the terrible losses it has suffered.


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