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When miserable… take one spoonfull of Fuck you, Penguin!


Snow Leopards!


Sniffle (hic)

I need my cats.

I am listening to Nelly Furtado to drown out the sound of the screaming toddlers in our building.

No offence to the toddlers. It’s hardly their fault they are pissing me off.  Its a combination of their dumb-ass parents who let them stand at their apartment door screaming for 2o minutes – aka throwing a tanty – and the appalling lack of sound-proofing in our apartment block. Having said that, they better not come near me or I’m gonna hiss at them like a cat. I do that sometimes.  I find showing teeth a universally accepted language for ‘fuck off’.

I got to You Don’t Mean Nothing (At All) and started getting a case of the sniffles.

I need my cats:-(

Pleeeeease can they get here next week alive and in one healthy piece?

Book Finished!

I have a habit of starting books and not finishing them.  Its a habit I am trying to break.  So when I finish a book I feel a tremendous sense of accomplishment.

I just finished Curveball: Spies, Lies and the Man Behind Them – The Real Reason America Went to War in Iraq by Bob Drogin. bookcurveball3

This is the very uncomprehensive review I posted on Facebook weRead.

5 stars! Life changeing. Not as much for the extra-ordinary subject matter – which was jaw dropping – but for the insight into the inherent disfunction of organisations.

I think its a given that to get the top, you have to put your career interests before the company’s interests when they are in conflict. So when is there ever going to be anyone AT THE TOP that will put their career on the line for the good of the organisation? Its not going to happen.

When it comes to the crunch, good company men (and women) are hard to find at the top of the tree.

Just ask the CIA.

Unfinished Books

I have a habit of only picking books that reflect my interest in political science and modern ethics. I see a title and I am overcome by the urge to learn about something that’s going on in the world.

The trouble with this approach is, while these books might be fascinating they are also frequently complex. Which would be fine. Except when I’m under pressure with other things in my life I tend to put them down and not pick them up again, because you really need to concentrate when you read them.

Thus the unfinished books.

So in an effort to stop doing this, I am making a conscious effort to chose books for entertainment value more frequently. Ficton!

Some of the good stuff I read recently was Law and Order by Dorothy Uhnak. I recommend that one.  And I just picked up Heartsick. Its time for an easy read. The author who is being hailed as the next Thomas Harris.

I do read girl books!  I read The Devil Wears Prada! It was brilliant. Anna Wintour (sorry, ‘Miranda Priestly’) was only slightly less scary that Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfield and Hannibal Lecter all put together.

Calico Cat Update – Viper BUSTED!

Oh this is hilarious.  Calico cat is the local con-cat it seems. (And I thought it was always the quiet ones!)

I received this message from Feline Friends…

The pussy cat is ‘Viper’.

A very kind couple called Marina and David who live on the views have taken her and her 2 brothers who are Henry (ginger and a bit of white) and Blackie (black with a bit of white) to get chipped and sterilised.

Viper is an extremely friendly cat and although she looks a little thin she is fed not only by Marina twice a day but myself and a few others. (Ed: And me.  The best gourmet stuff no less because it came in an easy to carry plastic one-serve sachet. This cat is smart in the brains!)

Marina has tried taking them inside but they are totally outdoor cats. I think she mentioned that the guy who lives on the ground floor apt lets them all sleep on his balcony and wander in a out when he is in.

There are alot of kind cat loving people where we live and thats really good as it gives a sense of community.

Jumpy -> Just plain upset

My good friend Phil who is renting our flat in Kirribilli has just been burgled!


They took his big screen TV, laptop and probably other stuff aswell.

Bastards again!!

Excited -> Jumpy

I’ve just been advised that the flight the cats were booked on to Dubai next week will not carry them. Apparently Emirates has decided in their infinite wisdom not to carry Burmese cats.

The reason?  Breathing difficulties.

This of course is complete BS. There are some cats (and dogs) that suffer from breathing difficulties due to having short noses.  These include Persians and in dogs, Pugs. Burmese are not short-nosed cats.  More likely I expect one turned up not breathing at all at some stage – could have been any number of reasons – and they decided to ban all Burmese cats.  That’s how they do things here.

For instance, the Emirate Sharjah recently decided to take action against traffic congestion on its roads.  The answer?  Stop issuing driving licenses to people without university degrees! I kid you not.

The alternative flights on offer from Thai or Malaysian added nearly 8 hours to the total travel time (total travel time 28 hours). This is not acceptable for Mozzle as he is a diabetic now, and needs 2 insulin injections a day.

We are trying to find a solution to get them in under 24 hours. He can miss one injection no problem but missing 2 is not ideal.

Living rough in Amsterdam.

Living rough in Amsterdam.

Oh, and just in case you’re asking… do I still love this place?  The answer is unequivocally YES!

Calico Cat needs a home!

I’ve confirmed the little calico cat that I’ve seen down near the lake in The Greens is homeless.  Yesterday Richard and I went for an evening walk around the lake. Something jumped out of one of the frangipani trees as we walked by in the dark.

It was the calico cat.  She must have heard my voice.

Today I contacted Feline Friends to start searching for a home for her. Unfortunately all their foster parents are occupied with foster cats right now. So I am going to post some notices around to see if someone is interested.

I took some photos of her.  With any luck the original owners will see it and call me. That is, if they still live in Dubai – people arrive and leave here all the time. Its a major source of animals that need re-homing.

She’s young. I’m guessing between 6 and 12 months old. And incredibly sweet and gentle. She is not an aloof cat and needs some form of company at least for part of the day. She’s good with kids because I often see them stopping to intereact with her by the lake.  She loves the attention. Toddlers that run and squeal do frighten her though.

She's so gentle.  She never extends her claws or bights when playing.

She's so gentle. She never extends her claws or bights when playing.

I was lying on the grass reading and she went and sat on my legs.

I was lying on the grass reading and she went and sat on my legs.