Mozzle is still in the veterinary hospital in Sydney, after recently having another trip back into the specialist hospital.

The specialist vet told us they were going to miss him after a week, and remarked on what an exceptional personality he had. Apparently he was snuggling up to all the nurses by rubbing his head on their faces, and playing fighting with them when he was feeling well enough.

His pancreatitis, which had improved, deteriorated again a week ago.

He is clinically quite well, although his appetite is not normal so he is being given extra nourishment via syringe feeding. (At least that is better than him having a drip in his paw which he had previously.) He has dropped from 5.7 kilos to 4.3 kilos which is a massive drop for a cat. My husband likened it to a man of 130 kilos dropping to 100 kilos in % terms – being a loss of 20% of his body weight.

Because his pancreas is not functioning properly his blood sugars are too high. He also went into hypoglycemia once. They were unable to stabilise his blood sugars so have changed the type of insulin again.

We are talking to the vet every 2 days to hear how he is doing.

The vet has advised us that when he travels he will need to be admitted to hospital on the Dubai end immediately to treat any pancreatitits that results from the journey (one of the main triggers of pancreatitis is stress and cats typically don’t like to travel.) This is the part that concerns us the most. I really cannot bare the thought of doing something that I know is going to hurt him. But for now, we have decided to put that concern aside because if his pancreatitis does not resolve he will not be travelling anywhere, least of all to Dubai.

Richard is really knocked by the news this time. I think he was too busy worrying about me when Mozz was critical a couple of weeks ago.

There’s is really nothing more we can do except hope for the best for him. It’s very difficult.

Get well Mozz! aka Blueski, Tov, GoodforNothing

Get well Mozz! aka Blueski, Tov, GoodforNothing


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