Watch out Mother********s!

Watch out Fools!

Mozz is doing great!!!

He is responding to the new insulin the specialist started him on just under a week ago. His blood sugars are a little high around midday so they are still tweaking the dose but he is eating well, walking around the clinic following the nurses, giving cheek and getting a huge amount of attention from an apparently besotted staff. The Vet said to me on the phone today, ‘He is such a great cat!’

Ah Mozzle… SUCH a tart that boy! 🙂

Today the vet is going to talk to the cat transportation company to see when he (and Kelli) can be shipped. Can’t believe it!!! He’s nearly well enough to fly.

My job is to find a vet this end that can administer the new insulin (‘Mixtard’) when he gets here.

I guess that means we will have to give him an injection every day too??? Oh well, looks like I will have to give up the fight and join the family tradition of sticking pins in things. Fortunately, Mozzle is incredibly easy to give pills and injections to. He just relaxes his body and seems to say, ‘I’d rather be lying in a sunbeam surrounded by tuna… but I suppose you know what you’re doing.’

Mozz beating up the bedclothes in Amsterdam

I'm coming to kick some arse!


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