The Australian vet has asked me to find a vet on the Dubai end that can administer Mozzle’s insulin when he arrives.

I called what looked to be the largest and most established vet hospital in Dubai today and got a receptionist who had graduated top of the class in Total Bitch School of Receptionists.

She told me – in a clipped manner which made it clear that she really shouldn’t be wasting her time on me – that they refused to import anything but one type of insulin, because of the cost. When I asked her what they advise for cats that arrived from abroad that had been on another insulin in terms of a transition plan, she explained to me that she ‘really had no medical training’ and for that would have to get the vet to call me back (Which of course is what I was expecting all along). She explained that she had to ‘keep ruinning into the surgery with these questions’ and she was experiencing the resulting frustration (…must be tough having to do your job right?)

When I was asked his age (11) she answered, ‘So he’s getting on then’. Not sure if that was meant to imply that he was really too old to worry about??

Seriously, if Rowan Atkinson ever decides to do a skit as a vet receptionist I think he could start with this woman.

I was in tears by the time I hung up. Ugh!!!

So I have contacted the Feline Friends (non-profit cat lovers organisation that has a high profile here) and asked them if they can help me find a vet that has the insulin Mozz needs.


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