Bingo – The Correct Insulin Found!

HUGE buckets of happiness!

I’m over the moon! The pharmacist can give me Mixtard over the counter with no prescription!

This is a good thing because Richard and I had decided that we would have to return to Australia to live if we couldn’t look after Mozz in Dubai. So this is a much simpler option, particularly as our belongings just arrived in port here via container ship and neither of us have jobs anymore in Oz.

I held the Mixtard right in my hand and opened the box before returning it to the pharmacist. It’s a vial of 100 unit/ml and will need to be extracted into a syringe. 4Paws tells me I need a BD Ultra Fine 0.3 ml with a 29# needle x 12.7 mm.



I have never administered an injection before although I am not too nervous about it. I think insulin is injected subcutaneously (under the skin). I’m going to need some training I imagine. I found a good page on the web that seems quite clear and the photos are helpful.

Don’t click on this link if you are freaked out by needles, or cats that look like Mr Bigglesworth.

I’m going to practise on Richard before Mozz gets here….

Wait?           Where’d he go??? running_man4Image Source:


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