Spring Migration

I think the spring bird migration must have started,  because today I saw two birds that I haven’t seen before.


I’ve been able to identify the first as a Sandpiper, a wading bird, that has a distinctive bottom movement.  (Indeed!) As he walks around near the edge of the lake he shakes his bottom up and down in a very peculiar fashion.  I can’t help but laugh when I’m watching him, which seems kind of mean.  But it is funny to watch.

I managed to find a video on YouTube  of a Spotted Sandpiper, which is not the exact type of Sandpiper I saw, but if you want to see a serious bottom-shaking bird you can check him out.  He moves is exactly the same way as the Sandpiper I saw here today. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pgBCOkN4Prg&feature=related

Watch from the 10 second point to around 25 seconds to see what I mean. He’s nuts!

Asian Starling

The other bird I  have identified as an Asian Pied Starling.  (No, he was not an Asian Starling in a pie.)

I always thought of starlings as very ordinary-looking birds, but these guys (there was a pair) were rather spiffy-looking.  The had bright-orange beaks and striking black and white bodies.

They flew off (twice) from the palm trees they were feeding in when I stopped to look at them.  None of the other birds took any notice of me so I got the impression thesy are a bit shy.

Or maybe they didn’t appreciate my bird pie jokes.

Picasa Web Albums - Paul Cullen)

Asian Pied Starlings (Image Source: Picasa Web Albums - Paul Cullen)


One response to “Spring Migration

  1. haha, love the video. love the “botty shaking”

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