Thunderbolt and lightning, very, very fright’ning (Galileo)

Gulf News)

Lightening hits the Burj Dubai - the world's largest lightening rod! (Photo: John McMenemy - Source: Gulf News)

A HUGE thunderstorm came through Dubai last night around midnight.  It was spectacular, and more than a little scary, for some people.

The lightning seemed so close to us even though our apartment block is only 5 stories high.  A couple of times I actually jumped over towards Richard’s side of the bed I got such a fright.  Of course, he was all, ‘Get OFF me!’ I accused him of using me as a human shield, and told him it was his duty as a husband to protect me from lightenings and other scary stuff. Yeah, right.


Storm over apartments (Photo: Liju Zacharia - Source:GulfNews)

Two unfortunate construction workers were eletrocuted and one of them will be lucky to live.

I don’t know what building they were working on.Is it too much to hope that the construction company will look after them?

It’s a harsh world over here and concepts such as workplace health and safety and employer responsibility are not the same as you might expect in the EU or in Australia. I feel for these people that make such an enormous sacrifice by leaving their homes to work here with only an annual visit to see their children and family.

Whereas I complain bitterly about living in  hotel during the week, when I can telephone my husband to talk for as long as I want to every night during the week…many people here cannot afford to telephone home so frequently, and they do not get to see their children growing or listen to their husbands or wives telling them about their day.

I admire their strength and dedication to their families in working here. Their efforts usually give their children an education they never had, so they will have more opportunities.

My masseuse is one of these women.   Her husband left her to ‘start a new family and took her young baby.’  She has 2 remaining children, a boy of 12 and a girl of 16. She is making sure they learn English so they can have good jobs.  (She herself speaks limited English). She sees them once a year for  holiday and you can hear her voice catch when she talks about them.

She makes me feel very humble.

Gulf News)

Dubai car park, this morning (Photo: Shanoop Kalathil - Source: Gulf News)


7 responses to “Thunderbolt and lightning, very, very fright’ning (Galileo)

  1. G’day Soph
    Back online again after moving to Melbourne (Flemington). Glad to catch up on your news – esp Mozz!

  2. Me again – my email address has changed and I’m about to spend an exciting Saturday night (Dean and Carly are watching the second half of the first LOTR DVD – two peas in a pod) visiting blogs, mailing lists etc to change my address….

  3. Hi Kath, my Dad used to live on the corner of Lee and Faraday Streets (amazed I can even remember that). You anywhere near there?

  4. I had to ask Richard, what is LOTR again?
    ‘Sheesh, Lord of the Rings!’


    It all gets so confusing sometimes!

  5. If you mean Lee and FARNHAM streets, then yes – about 200 m away on the other side of Wellington Street!

  6. Oh yeah. Faraday Street is in Carlton.

    The corner of Lee and Farnham Street is absolutely correct. It was a double-fronted ornate Victorian thing. A tad too fiddly for my taste.

    I remember Wellington St. We used to walk to Wellington to get to the tram stop to go into the city.

    What street you living in?

  7. Bignell Street (but it’s very little). Just off Mt Alexander road, so we hear the ding-ding of the trams. Photos of our house are on da blog.

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