Rising Damp II: Mr Raju

The idiot plumber’s boss turned up today at our request. Mr Raju spoke perfect English and was profoundly more intelligent than his subordinate. He walked in and before I had even told him about the water he looked at the walls and said, ‘You have a water leak. I’ll get it fixed for you!’

Sense at last!

He is sending some guys over to break open the bathroom tiles near the bathtub tomorrow morning at 10am. He said we can shower in the morning as usual, And that we can shower again the evening after the leak is fixed.

The tiles will have to be regrouted and the walls repainted after the leak is fixed. Not sure the repurcussions of the tile grouting and painting yet in terms of being able to use the bathroom. I’m not going to worry about it until the leak is fixed. No point concerning myself about the 2nd bridge when I have no view on when I’m going to get across the 1st bridge. The first bridge might tumble down into the fjord. I wouldn’t be shocked.

I do like Mr Raju though. He was a sensible man. Can’t imagine what it must be like to have his job trying to manage those guys. Hell!


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