We meet again

I came across what I think might be a stray cat a few weeks ago.

She came up to me and meowed, and started rubbing her head on my hand. She was so trusting and affectionate towards humans it was amazing. She has clearly been someone’s pet until recently. No born-stray cat is that trusting with humans.

She had a strikingly beautiful coat. I thought it was tortiseshell but after reading the web a bit, I found out that this colour was referred to as calico. She had striking, large patches of bright orange tabby and black against an otherwise white body. Her head was white too.

She looked very similar in markings to that famous cat in Japan that has been given honourary status as stationmaster in a small Japanese town.

Tama the Japanese StationMaster Cat

Tama the Japanese StationMaster Cat

Today I saw her again.

She’s still skinny and has no ear-markings to indicate she has been desexed. In Dubai they cut off the ear tip of one ear to indicate the cat has been desexed. Mean! My cats have a tattoo inside the ear. But my cats rock .

Anypussy, that’s why I think she might be stray. Otherwise you’d never think so. She’s so affectionate. She would make the most wonderful pet for someone.

Wish I could take her home but I already have 2 cats in a one bedroom apartment.

I took some photos of her with my phone but I have no idea how to download them.


2 responses to “We meet again

  1. I think you might like to take this poor kitty kat home and share the love. She is meant for you.
    Have Mozz and Miss Kell arrived yet- it doesn’t seem so.

  2. Mozz and Kell arrive next week (in 8 sleeps!)

    I can’t birng her home because of 2 things unfortunately: Firstly we have a one bedroom flat that is not big enough for 3 cats, and secondly, it would upset Mozz too much and his health is too delicate to risk that kind of stress.

    However I did contact Feline Friends in Dubai today asking if they have a foster home available for her until they can find a permanent home.

    She sleeps in a frangapani tree at night.

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