Calico Cat Update

I saw the little calico cat again today.  She’s such a talker!

As I was approaching the shopping centre she saw me walking along the garden path.  She mewed and ran over to me.

Since I was going to the Supermarket I thought I’d buy her something to eat.  I bought her a sachet of tuna fish catfood gloop.  She gulped it down like a truly hungry cat, and then sat in the sun licking herself.  She was so happy. After she had washed herself she came and sat against my legs and mewed at me every time I stopped patting her.

Her paws were ‘kneading’ all the while, she was so happy.

Eventually I had to leave to go home which she didn’t like much. She let out a few plaintive meows as I walked away but fortunately did not follow me. I get the impression she is waiting for her owners to come and get her. I wonder if that is the place they dumped her in.

I wonder where she sleeps.  It gets really cold here at night now.


2 responses to “Calico Cat Update

  1. Did you contact a local rescue or feline shelter…NO KILL (of course) to inform them of the stray kitty? Sadly, offering food to a stray is a heartwarming act; however, it can create a very dangerous scenario for the kitty who may approach the wrong person or get too close to a car. Sounds like a real sweetie pie.

  2. HI badhm,

    Its a good idea. I should let Feline Friends know about her. They arrange adoption and fosters for stray cats here.

    As far as the feeding is concerned….I hadn’t thought of that. However, in her case she is still completely human-trusting so I don’t think me feeding her will make that different.

    I will send an email to Feline Friends this weekend. I even have a cat cage I could catch her in if I needed to. Good idea!

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