How would you like a permanent disability to the teeth, bitch?

This is not meant to be funny… but it’s funny right?

Source: Gulf News

A worker will spend six months in prison for punching his colleague and inflicting injuries to his teeth, over unclear reasons, a court has ruled.

The Dubai Court of First Instance found the 40-year-old worker guilty of causing his 30-year-old compatriot four per cent permanent disability on his mouth.

He will be deported after serving his jail term.

The court also referred the accused, S.M., to the Dubai Misdemeanours Court where he will be prosecuted for consuming liquor.

The convict earlier confessed that he punched his workmate, A.M., and caused him permanent disability to his teeth when he was under the influence of alcohol.

The victim, in his statement, claimed that the accused had imbibed beer before he punched his mouth for ‘reasons he didn’t know’.

S.M. pleaded guilty before the court and sought leniency.

The Public Prosecution charged S.M. with consuming three cans of beer and beating his workmate by punching him on his mouth.

The victim testified before the Public Prosecution: “The incident happened in our labour accommodation in Jebel Ali& two of my teeth got injured after the suspect punched me for no clear reasons. I also got injuries on my lips, but it healed. My teeth are still loose.”

The suspect admitted to his crime when the Public Prosecution questioned him.


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