Rising Damp III: Return of Mr Clean It.

Mr ‘Clean it!’ returned today to fix the leak.  This is the original plumber that is managed by Mr Raju.   He looked a little chastened actually which of course made me feel bad for him (ach! Why do I do that?)

He took a good look  at the bath and said that the leak was coming from the drain-pipe right at the plug hole. This meant that he did not have to break open the wall to look for the leak in the pipe.

My first though was, ‘Oh no! That’s not what Mr Raju anticipated and Mr Raju has a brain and you don’t.’ Then I remembered that the plug hole had always looked mighty strange to me. I wouldn’t say I was a plughole expert but since I am a ‘taking a long hot bath’ expert I’ve seen a few in my time.  This one was definitely weird.

In fact, I had spent quite a bit of time looking for an alternative plug to try because the one that was there was weird. It actually took me 6 weeks of searching to find a plug in Dubai.  All the baths have those European plug holes (aka in Australia as hotel plugs). That is, you turn a wheel at the end of the bath and the metal plug moves up or down in response.  The plug is never actually removed.

Anyleakybath, a week ago I found a proper plug and today that wonder of nature – the found plug – was made redundant! I feel a small sense of loss that is nowhere near comensurate with the joy I felt on finding the plug in the first place.

So Mr ‘Clean it’  has placed the metal plug with a rubber version on a chain (sounds kinky!).  He also spent an hour drilling and refitting a new plughole to the bath.

So far I don’t see any water coming out fron the floor so I’m crossing my fingers that the problem is fixed. Notice I am not booking the party yet?


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