More Spring Migration Birds

On Jan 12 I mentioned I had seen a few new birds. One of those I saw I had not been able to identify until today.

It’s a Purple Sunbird! He is the most brilliant metallic blue-purple and I see him nearly every day. He is particularly fond of eating the nectar from the red-hot-poker (aka torch lilly) plants that line the garden paths around The Greens.


Purple Sunbird (Image Source: Wikipedia)

Here’s the wiki on him…. (from

The Purple Sunbird, Cinnyris asiaticus… (belongs to a) group of very small Old World (Africa, Europe and Asia) … birds which feed largely on nectar, although they will also take insects…

Flight is fast and direct on their short wings. Most species can take nectar by hovering like a hummingbird, but usually perch to feed most of the time. Purple Sunbird is an abundant resident breeder across tropical southern Asia from the Persian Gulf to Southeast Asia…

Purple Sunbirds are tiny, only 10cm long…This species is found in a variety of habitats with some trees, including forest and cultivation….

The call is a humming zit zit.

I’ve definitely heard the zit zit a few times. Its one of the ways I locate my friend the homeless calico cat.  If you hear an angst-ridden zit zit zit zit zit zit zit zit zit zit, it usually means she’s sunning herself somewhere nearby.


2 responses to “More Spring Migration Birds

  1. What a handsome little guy!

  2. That’s a REALLY beautiful bird! How lovely.

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