Sniffle (hic)

I need my cats.

I am listening to Nelly Furtado to drown out the sound of the screaming toddlers in our building.

No offence to the toddlers. It’s hardly their fault they are pissing me off.  Its a combination of their dumb-ass parents who let them stand at their apartment door screaming for 2o minutes – aka throwing a tanty – and the appalling lack of sound-proofing in our apartment block. Having said that, they better not come near me or I’m gonna hiss at them like a cat. I do that sometimes.  I find showing teeth a universally accepted language for ‘fuck off’.

I got to You Don’t Mean Nothing (At All) and started getting a case of the sniffles.

I need my cats:-(

Pleeeeease can they get here next week alive and in one healthy piece?


One response to “Sniffle (hic)

  1. When miserable… take one spoonfull of Fuck you, Penguin!


    Snow Leopards!

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