Calico Cat Update – Viper BUSTED!

Oh this is hilarious.  Calico cat is the local con-cat it seems. (And I thought it was always the quiet ones!)

I received this message from Feline Friends…

The pussy cat is ‘Viper’.

A very kind couple called Marina and David who live on the views have taken her and her 2 brothers who are Henry (ginger and a bit of white) and Blackie (black with a bit of white) to get chipped and sterilised.

Viper is an extremely friendly cat and although she looks a little thin she is fed not only by Marina twice a day but myself and a few others. (Ed: And me.  The best gourmet stuff no less because it came in an easy to carry plastic one-serve sachet. This cat is smart in the brains!)

Marina has tried taking them inside but they are totally outdoor cats. I think she mentioned that the guy who lives on the ground floor apt lets them all sleep on his balcony and wander in a out when he is in.

There are alot of kind cat loving people where we live and thats really good as it gives a sense of community.

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