Excited -> Jumpy

I’ve just been advised that the flight the cats were booked on to Dubai next week will not carry them. Apparently Emirates has decided in their infinite wisdom not to carry Burmese cats.

The reason?  Breathing difficulties.

This of course is complete BS. There are some cats (and dogs) that suffer from breathing difficulties due to having short noses.  These include Persians and in dogs, Pugs. Burmese are not short-nosed cats.  More likely I expect one turned up not breathing at all at some stage – could have been any number of reasons – and they decided to ban all Burmese cats.  That’s how they do things here.

For instance, the Emirate Sharjah recently decided to take action against traffic congestion on its roads.  The answer?  Stop issuing driving licenses to people without university degrees! I kid you not.

The alternative flights on offer from Thai or Malaysian added nearly 8 hours to the total travel time (total travel time 28 hours). This is not acceptable for Mozzle as he is a diabetic now, and needs 2 insulin injections a day.

We are trying to find a solution to get them in under 24 hours. He can miss one injection no problem but missing 2 is not ideal.

Living rough in Amsterdam.

Living rough in Amsterdam.

Oh, and just in case you’re asking… do I still love this place?  The answer is unequivocally YES!


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