Cats are home in Dubai!

They here and they’re alive!

Miss Kell is completely unfazed.  She trotted out of her cage – unsoiled after 28 hours (how’s that for bladder control?) – and started looking around the house with her tail up in the air.

Her show cat heritage always comes through for her in these situations. Kell was a retired show cat when we adopted her at 18 months. She won all her shows but she refused to get pregnant afterwards. What can I say? We bonded.

Mozzle had a pretty rugged trip.  He looks thin, sick and smells of pee.

He has been seen by the vet and given his insulin, which was well overdue.  Normally he has insulin twice a day.  The trip was 28 hours, so naturally all that time without insulin sent his blood sugars sky high.  He is also dehydrated. Our objective is to get him to drink, eat and go to the toilet.

He had a very long drink – about 4 minutes – as soon as he got out of his cage. He has also used the cat litter tray. He’s still not interested in food though.

After trying to clean him up with a warm facewasher I gave up and made him a warm bath in the bathroom basin. I dunked him from the waist down to clean him up.  He seemed to really pick up after that. Mozz has never been bothered by water.  Whereas Kell turns into a feline blender and the mere thought of a bath.

Mozz is very thin. He really lost a lot of weight while he was sick.

He’s sitting beside me while Kell roams the house checking out stuff and occasionally beating the crap out of the new scratchy post.  He’s gone through one REM sleep and I can see him getting his energy back.  He is starting to look exhausted and rather than sick. He is opening his eyes and listening when he hears foreign sounds now.

When he starts grooming and eating I’ll know he’s really recovering.

I have an appointment in the morning with the vet that greeted him at the airport.  He also gave me an emergency number in case I need to call him tonight. What a wonderful vet!

He is going to take a full blood workup on Mozz tomorrow morning so we can treat him to get him stable ASAP. He is also going to show us how to inject Mozzle’s insulin.


2 responses to “Cats are home in Dubai!

  1. Glad to hear that your babies arrived OK and I’m sure that Mozz will perk up. MORE than sure !!

  2. Thanks! He just ate for the first time which was our biggest concern (not eating). And Richard and I gave him his insulin.

    No surprise that Richard is better at this than me.

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