Watching Mozz again

It’s 2pm and I am sitting on the sofa watching Mozz.

This evening his blood glucose level (blood sugars) were above ‘High’ again. We don’t know exactly what they were. The Blood Glucose Monitor (AccuCheck) gives a reading of ‘High’ for anything over 500.

He was on 25 units of insulin in Australia before he departed for Dubai. We had dropped it to 15 because of his recent overdose.  We are trying to be very careful.

This evening, because of the very high blood glucose reading, we increased his dosage from 15 to 20 units. Still under the amount he was receiving before he came to Dubai.

We set the alarm to test his sugars 6 hours after the insulin injection, because that this the peak of the insulin’s impact.  When we measured him just now he was really low at 2.4. That means he’s in hypoglycemia.

He has just eaten a nice bowl of wet cat-food. And I rubbed a tiny bit of honey on his gums (which he hated – cats hate sweet things, unlike dogs and humans). He is sitting beside me with his eyes open.  He looks *okay*. His ears are still erect and moving when he hears sounds outside. That’s a good sign. I would prefer it if his pupils were a little less dilated though. He doesn’t look relaxed which bothers me.

We noticed the pattern of symptoms of a cat going into hypoglycemia at the vet 2 days ago because he went into hypo 4 times.

1. Ears go flatter – they are no longer erect.

2. Posture of neck and head slumps almost imperceptibly.

3. Eyelids start to droop as though he is relaxed and getting ready to drop off to sleep.

4. Eyes lose focus and might go slightly cross-eyed.

5. Head slumps completely.

6. Bodily convulsions follow the head slump within a minute or two.

Interestingly, most of these things would signify nothing unusual in isolation. Cats might drop their ears, droop their eyes and slump their posture when they are falling asleep. But since we saw him go into hypo 4 times we started to pick up a pattern. Despite the horror of the whole experience, I think identifying that pattern was valuable.

I’m watching him now and he looks again, *okay*…except for his eyes are not quite right.

He suddenly got up to go into the kitchen looking for food.  That means his blood sugars are low and his body is sending a message to his brain that he needs to eat.  That’s a good sign because it means his brain has enough glucose to be functioning properly.  If it was too low in glucose, it wouldn’t be able to process the message from the body to go and eat. This is why people accidentally slip into hypo. If you don’t eat when your brain tells you to the first time, then it can be too late.  Further messages might not be received by the brain.

He wasn’t particularly interested in dry food so I’ve given him tuna this time. I need him to keep eating. (He’s going to be impossible to get back onto dry food after this!)

He’s agitated.  Staking around the house with wide eyes. His back legs look ever so slightly wobbly. Again, you wouldn’t see it unless you were watching his every move looking for signs.

He is mewing every now and then.  I think its part of the agitation.

He went into the bedroom and after about 2 minutes I went in there looking for him. (Bear in mind the first time I saw him in hypo 2 days ago he was lying on the bedroom floor.) I called him back to the kitchen – he comes when he’s called like a dog – and showed him the tuna again. He looked at it as if to say, ‘Wow! Tuna!’  Then had another big feed.

That’s another way I know he’s not right. Under normal circumstances there is no way he would have walked away from that tuna the first time.


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