Just when we thought we had Mozz under control with his 17 units of insulin he decides he’s going to skip breakfast.

The little bugger has had so much of the good stuff recently, that when offered dry cat food he decided to go back to bed and skip breakfast altogether.

The first I knew of this was loss of bowel control – on the bed no less. (I just got the blankets back from the laundry the day before!) Of course, blankets are not really a big concern when you have an animal going into hypo.

Richard was at work – thankfully in Dubai rather than 2 hours away in Abu Dhabi where he normally would be – and he was home in 20 minutes.  By the time he got here I had created a makeshift glucose syringe by cutting  the sharp off the end of Mozz’s insulin syringes, cooked up some sugar into boiling water and made a syrup, and was administering syringes of sugar syrup to a hypo – yet still disgusted by the taste of sugar – Mozzle.

The sharp and the tip of the syrunge flew off into space when I cut it with the scissors. Note to self: avoid bare feet for a bit.

Remarkably, I managed to do all this while suffering fromm an ear infection which is rather agonising. Is there anything more painful? It has used up the last of the Codeine that was prescribed for me by my Australian doctor.

Note:  Codeine is illegal without prescription here, and dcotors must get authorisation to prescribe it. I carry a letter from my Australian doctor which enables me to bring some from Australia without breaking the law.  If officials find traces of Codeine in your urine, that is considered ‘possession’.

Anythrobbingpain, Mozz responded to the sugar syrup and Richard monitored his blood sugars during the day.

He still hasn’t eaten (We think… We went out for dinner and some was gone when we came back, but since we have 2 cats it’s anyone’s guess.) Because of this we only gave him 5 units of insulin this evening.

At midnight I was concerned about his behavoir again; floppy and not interested in yoghurt.  However, upon testing, his blood sugars read 11, which is perfect. We did a second test just in case the first test was in error, but the second reading was consistent with the first. So he’s okay. He looks buggered.

ALL THIS  just to get wet cat food for breakfast! …which of course he will now get.

I told you this cat was evil!

Poor little guy.


2 responses to “MozzWatch

  1. Poor little guy is right. And poor you guys, too.

    I’m about to twiddle with my settings and I want to put you on my blogroll- is that OK?

  2. For sure. Thanks!

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