24 hours later. He hasn’t eaten all day. His sugar levels have been abnormally low.

We have been managing his hypoglycemia by feeding him sugar syrup with an eye-dropper (a very large eye-dropper). After a while he vomited up the sugar syrup which we assumed was because it made him feel nauseous. (The good thing about sugar syrup is that it is absorbed quickly and it delivered benefits before he vomited.)

This morning I made an appointment with the vet for him at 4pm.  Then as he continued to be in hypo I thought that was the reason he wasn’t eating – and drinking very little – so I pushed it out to 4pm tomorrow.

The most worrying thing for me is that he keeps going to the water bowl to drink but then sits there looking at it. He wants desperately to drink but for some reason is not.  He does drink a little bit. He really pushed himself and had about 10 laps a couple of times. But he keeps going  to the bowl and sitting there with his head hanging over it.

Tonight I continued to worry about his hydration levels so I filled the eye-dropper with water and gave him some. Minutes later he vomited the lot up on the floor.

Now I am really alarmed. I thought he vomited before because it was sugar syrup.  There’s no way he should vomit water.

Now I think he has pancreatitis.  An episode of pancreatitis is what started all this.  The Diabetes was an outcome of the original pancreatitis.


Now I am feeling hellish guilty for not taking him to the vet earlier. We will take him first thing in the morning.

He needs a saline drip to rehydrate him since he should be on nil-by-mouth. He might also need antibiotics.

Cats’ systems continue to amaze me. They are perfectly designed.  The cat’s body knows he needs nil-by-mouth so his pancreas can rest and not cause damage by dissolving itself, or worse, dissolving nearby organs such as the liver.

So the body says to the brain – don’t eat, don’t drink. Amazing.

My heart is breaking watching him like this.


4 responses to “Mozzwatch

  1. sorry to hear :(. for future cases of hypos, you should try and get some glucagon over there. in short, it is the counter hormone for insulin. it raises blood sugar levels. of course it would be another fiddly thing to get used to in terms of doses and things, but is a quick fix when mozz goes into a hypo….cause it is not good to be in a hypo for too long- does many bad things to the cells of the bodies.

    not sure if you can get it over there but even if you get a little bit and use it for the big emergencies where he won’t eat or drink no matter what you do.

    • Thanks for your comment Miri – that is really good advice. We had been wondering if we should do that. I think now you have made up my mind for me. (We can get it here I believe… from the pharmacist).

  2. if I was religious I would pray for you and Mozzle but I’m not so I will just hope a lot and channel positive thoughts and feel for your pain and frustration – love Liz

    • Thank you for your kind words. It really is stressful. He’s so little now… there’s not much of him to waste away when he’s not eating and drinking. He has proven to be a real fighter over the past 2 months though. Which surprised me. I thought he might be a bit too laid back to be such a tough cat. He had an infection and is getting antibiotics, saline and glucogen now. I imagine he will be a lot better in a few days. He needs to start eating though.

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