Mozz celebrates his birthday with the staff at 4Paws Neutral Bay

Mozz celebrates his birthday with the staff at 4Paws Neutral Bay

Got an appointment at the vet today at midday for Mozz.

Richard was kind enough to let me sleep all morning while he ran around in the car paying bills and organising for the TV to be connected. It felt like the first decent sleep I’d had in days.

We left Mozz and the vet after describing his syptoms and I was heartened to learn that they had a full lab on-site so they could analyse blood and urine tests.

He is now very dehydrated, and his ears and third eyelid is very white and cold.

He didn’t appear to be in any pain when they did an abdominal examination so we are hopeful that it might not be pancreatitis. If a cat has pancreatitits, then it will usually either vomit, or turn around the try to bight the vet when they put pressure on the pancreas.

They called us after they got the tests back and said he has some kind of infection. Its probably a urinary tract infection because Diabetics get a lot of those. It doesn’t really matter where the infection is as the treatment is the same regardless… antibiotics.

They were unable to find a vein to give him a saline drip because he was so dehydrated. So instead they have been administering subcutaneous saline and glucogen. The vet gave him 10 units of insulin instead of his prescribed 15 this evening because he is not eating.  He seems to have responded well to that amount.

The vet called us around 11pm to tell us that he seems to have improved a little since he’s been there and was aware of the vet, and tried to shake his head around a bit when he pricked his ear to take his blood glucose readings. That’s good.  I imagine the saline and glucogen is helping with the dehydration and that is why he is feeling better.

I feel much happier knowing he had an infection because that is treatable with antobiotics – which he is now taking. Not knowing why he is sick is the worst thing.  That was killing me.

Kell is lapping up the exta attention at home.

She’s so funny. She follows you around everywhere looking for pats. She’s even follow you into the toilet if you let her.  We call her the DunnyMugger.


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