Just spent the evening at the vet with Mozz in hypo again.

In the end they put an IV drip into the bone in his elbow – so he is getting nourishment via his bone marrow now. It took them nearly 45 minutes to get an IV into him. His veins were too small so they couldn’t get a drip into his leg or his neck. Poor little thing has a lot of holes in him now.

They were amazed how he didn’t bite or scratch them when they finally got the IV into the bone. He actually peed himself from the pain, but otherwise just sat there like the most placid cat you can imagine. The nurse said she nearly fainted just watching the vet do it because she knew it was so painful.

They think he will be alright now they have managed to get an IV drip into him. But my god… this evening was terrible again.

He went into hypoglycemia and it’s so frightening watching his brain start to stop working. First he goes blind, then he starts moving his head from side to side like one of those clowns you see at the carnival where you put ping pong balls into their mouth. Then the front legs go into spasm.Then the loss of bladder and bowel control.

I had him in my arms while he peed, shitted and vomited all over me. Actually, at one point he projectile vomited right into my mouth! (It wasn’t so bad because it was only sugar water and tasted a lot like someone had thrown a stale lemonade at me but it sounds terrible!)

As Richard and I walked around the block while the vets tried to get the IV into him we admitted to ourselves that Mozzle is one irreplaceable cat. You just don’t get another cat like that in your lifetime.  We have been lucky enough to have had him for 12 years. We will be grateful for any more time we get with him.

I really thought we were going to lose him tonight. I was thinking, well at least he knows we are right here for him. To be honest I’m really amazed he made it through.

He is one tough cookie.


4 responses to “Mozzwatch

  1. Dammit, I’m not crying, just got some dust in my eye.

    You’re right – when you score that cat-in-a-trillion, you do what you can to keep them. Same goes for my dog, Milly. It’s a cruel fact of nature that we only get them as family members for such a short time.

    Again my fingers are crossed. He must be an incredibly brave and strong feline!

    • We are privileged to enjoy a bond with our pets, but so much more so with the special ones. No different from people really is it?

      Makes it so bloody hard to think about losing them though.

  2. Tears in my eyes

  3. Dinah says Chloe Henderson, daughter of Vonnie and Ian, is living/based in Dubai and flying with Emirates. Do you want a contact detail?
    Love to Moz

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