Saw our beautiful cat today.  He looks much better than yesterday.

Although when we arrived he was being fed and all I saw was this tiny little ball of matted fur being cradled like a baby while the vet injected his feeding tube with Recovery Food.

It made me want to cry.

He managed to pull out his IV drip the little blighter.  But he is getting fed through the tube into his stomach and he’s not throwing it back up so that’s very good.

After he was fed he started to really pick up (blood sugars were rising) and then he had good focus in his eyes. He even let out a few meows while we were there. Eventually I just sat beside him patting his head gently with one finger…tracing my finger from his nose, up between his eyes and back over his head, and then back again, in one continuous movement. He purred gently.

He opened his eyes when we came in or out of the room, and also when we left.  Two big, green things saying, ‘Don’t go’.


We will visit him again tomorrow.


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