Spent a few hours with Mozz today.

We arrived just before he was due for his feeding, so we learnt how to feed him through the tube.  When the vet nurse was mixing up the food for him he was looking around and sniffing the air. It was obvious he was looking forward to it.

We think that is a very good sign.  Hopefully that means his appetite is returning and he might start to think about eating through his mouth soon.

He looked fantastic today. He had clear eyes, and was very alert. He rubbed his head all over us when he cuddled him and stuck the claws in when we tried to put him back in the cage.  He has some real strength back in his legs from the feel of it.

The best part of all was the fact that he was giving LOTS of lip again.  In a very unimpressed voice he indicated that all this vet stuff was highly unsatisfactory and that he should be taken home at once! He complained when he was returned to his cage and looked disgustedly at us as we left.

It was like the old Mozzle Tov was back with us again. We were so happy. Richard said to me while I was cuddling him, ‘Look at you. You’re so happy you’re nearly crying.’  So cool! 🙂

His external appearance will take a while to look suave again. He is riddled with hairless patches from his ultrasounds and IV insertions, holes from his attempted IV insertions and the odd stitch from the successful IV insertions that he pulled out.

And then there is the great big tube that sticking out of his neck that has a rather ugly swelling and occasional ooze around it. That’s definitely the most shocking thing to see.

I don’t want to be too optimistic because we know he nearly died only 2 nights ago.  And in a way I am too afraid to hope. But I will visit him tomorrow and I am hoping he will look as good as he did today.

I really can’t believe how tough he is.


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