Spent the last two days at the vet with Mozz.  The vet has observed that he really improves when I visit him so I have been spending lots of time with him.

He’s doing so well!  Yesterday he ate cat food for the first time in ages… without the aid of the tube. He has been eating morning and evening since.  Although he is still be given extra nourishment via the tube in an effort to stabilise his blood sugars.

I have become proficient at tube feeding and blood sugar testing (well, my blood sugar testing skills can stilll improve but at least I know how to do it).

Mozz has been talking a lot the past two days as well.  This is wonderful!

I will really miss going into the vet each day when Mozz comes home.  Spending time with the sick and homeless animals is really incredible. They are all so beautiful… even the beat up ones.

Life is hard for some animals, and people too. It makes you appreciate what you have when you see the huge variation in life experiences these animals have.  They range from the adored and cared for (like Mozzle), to the poorly-cared-for (the nearly dead cat with fluid on the lungs from a notorious owner that brings in many of their pets  in in a similar state, or the 2 week old kitten that was sold by a pet shop and consequently died) ,to the loved then abandoned, (people leaving Dubai and leaving their pets behind) to the abandoned since birth (the strays that a kind person has picked up and organised to have desexed before placing them back where they were).

Being able to provide some comfort for these animals is a privilege and I will truly miss it.


4 responses to “Mozzwatch

  1. …..could this somehow be a Dubai calling for you? I’ve been thinking about doing something similar but Deano fears that I won’t be able to leave my work (or tears) at work…..

    Give Moz a cuddle for me. I’ll give Milly a pat and a kiss in his name.

    • I didn’t go in as usual today except for a couple of hours at 7pm with Richard (wasn’t feeling too crash hot). When I got there I realised I missed the place!

      Mozz looks excellent. He has managed to get himself into the favoured position at yet another vet and now gets all the special treatment.

      He’s hopeless!

  2. Big relief to read he is improving. Sometimes too scared to log on, in case….
    Clever cat and wonderful mummy to him. Does Miss K miss him?

    • Thanks for your support while he has been so sick. He is looking wonderful now. Really looking forward to him coming home. Miss Kell does miss him. She seems rather lonely with him gone.

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