International Women’s Day

I am almost rendered speechless!!!

Check out the article on International Women’s Day that appeared in the Gulf News. I just don’t know where to start with this.

1. How did the concept of the  ideal woman come into a discussion of an event that is supposed to empower women?

2. How did the editor allow the journalist’s relationship issues with women derail the topic so embarrasingly (“Most of the time, it would appear that women think they are perfect and as such, men might beg to differ.”) Oops!

3. The fairer sex ??? You know they are not even being facetious using this term right?

Fairer sex speak out on qualities the ideal woman should possess

By Hind Al Yousef, Community Journalist
Published: March 06, 2009, 23:12

Dubai: The world celebrates March 8 as International Women’s Day. What comprises an ideal woman? That is a question which could be answered in so many ways. Is she smart, compassionate, beautiful or powerful? Some might expect her to clean the dishes and buy the groceries, while others want her to be strong enough to run a business. Gulf News readers discuss the various possibilities.

Most of the time, it would appear that women think they are perfect and as such, men might beg to differ. Gulf News spoke to its female readers to find out what they think makes an ideal woman.

Shamma Al Dabal, a 19-year-old Emirati said: “I personally think that each woman has her own unique essence that pervades all around and makes her ideal in her own way. There are no specific standards. As long as she works hard at whatever she is doing, then that is what I call ideal.”

Apparently, this is an idea that women agree on, regardless of differences in culture and nationality.

Laila Kefayeh, a 19-year-old Palestinian-American said: “The ideal woman isn’t defined by her occupation, but by her mentality, intelligence, and etiquette.”

The ladies were asked whether there were certain characteristics which made one a better woman?

In Kefayeh’s opinion, there exist certain musts for every woman in this modern day age.

She said: “A woman should be decent, have self confidence and self-respect. She should also be well informed in a wide variety of general topics and should be eloquent in her speech.”

Strength of character – in today’s fast-paced world – featured as another crucial point in the search to get women to define their perfect woman.

Sheryl Salvador, a 35-year-old Filipina reminds us of that.

She said: “An ideal woman is someone who stands firm in her belief regardless of the circumstances she is in. One who can not be easily persuaded by the influence of the world around her.”

Motherhood also weighed in heavily.

Sujata Sardana, a 45-year-old Indian expatriate and a mother of two said: ” It takes a lot of effort for a woman to be a well-educated good mother, teach her children the right morals and pass on the values that matter.”

History behind Women’s Day

Legend has it that the idea of an International Women’s Day arose on March 8, 1857, in New York when women working in several different clothing factories decided to protest against their employers, demanding shorter working hours, a better salary and voting rights. They were soon dispersed by the authorities. However, similar protests occurred on the same date, in the following years.

Today, March 8 is marked globally as the International Women’s Day to encourage the active participation and equality of women in society. Several events are held around the world to inspire women and their respective achievements.

Do you have any female role models in your life?

How did they make a difference to you?

Are there certain things that women can do better than men?


One response to “International Women’s Day

  1. An ideal woman is one who ignores crap like this goes out and has a kick ass day, saves the world, raises some kids, cooks something brilliant then goes to bed peaceful in the knowledge that the world is a better place because she’s in it.

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