Riyadh Today (Image Source: Gulf News)

Riyadh Today (Image Source: Gulf News)

The weekend before last Dubai was hit with a sandstorm that lasted 3 days.  Visibility was poor and drivers were urged to drive with caution (Yeah, as IF!) and everything indoors had to be cleaned afterwards.  A fine layer or powder-like sand covered everything.

I am wondering if another sandstorm, worse than the last, is on the way. Today there was a really heavy sandstorm in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

I don’t actually know which way the wind is blowing so I don’t really know if we are in the path of this sandstorm.  But I do know that there isn’t much but sand between Riyadh and Dubai so if the wind is blowing in our direction it should be interesting.

Can anyone candirect me to a decent weather site for the Gulf that shows wind direction?

Riyadh Airport Today (Image Source: Gulf News)

Riyadh Airport Today (Image Source: Gulf News)

Meanwhile, the leaders of Egypt, Syria and Sauda Arabia are having a tete a tete in Riyadh tomorrow to see if they can become a bit more comfortable with eachother.

Egypt and Saudi Arabia have been a bit dark on Syria because of its leanings toward Iran.

Hope they don’t get ‘sanded-in’, or maybe a few games of rock, scissors, hammer will help the team bond?


2 responses to “Sandstorm

  1. I didn’t realize that you had sandstorms of such significance there! We have “duststorms” here in AZ but they’re very short-lived and not as widespread as yours. Yeah, I don’t think I’d be out driving in that.

    • The sandstorm is coming tomorrow but I believe we are getting a watered-down version (excuse the desert pun) in the UAE. Time to spend some time indoors on the weekend I think!

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