This is how I will die in Dubai…

Killed by some mother*&@$er at a Zebra crossing!

Crossing the road at zebra crossings is probably the thing I hate most about Dubai.  At least half the driving population just drive straight through them! Once some guy actually honked his horn at me to get off the road when I was walking across one!  Damn!!!

Two nights ago I saw a small accident where a car rear-ended a 4wd which was stopped at the zebra crossing in the Greens. The driver of the car got out and waved his arms around at the 4wd driver (who had also alighted from his vehicle) saying something along the lines of, ‘Why did you just stop like that?’

The 4wd guy pointed to the 3 kids crossing the zebra crossing!

What you need to understand about this scenario is that it was a roundabout with zebra crossings across all four entrances to the roundabout.  The traffic was turning right, and the rear-end collision happened when the 4wd stopped at the second zebra crossing it needed to traverse to get through the intersection. The idiot who rear-ended the 4wd had already been through one zebra crossing before he turned to the right.  There is no possibility that another zebra crossing was not there. Anyway, Dubai is like a small town and everyone knows where they are going.  Surprise was not an element at work here.

It was a warm night and the streets were crawling with pedestrians going out to eat al fresco, or kids riding around on their bikes in this residential area.

It really makes me mad when I read an article like this about some poor guy crossing at the Zebra crossing and getting killed while the driver flees the scene.

Yeah, you better flee mother#$)%er!  When the Dubai authorities catch up with you (which they surprisingly often do) you’re ass is TOAST!

I hope he is sweating bullets!

French expatriate killed in road accident

From Gulf News

By Rayeesa Absal, Staff Reporter
Published: March 12, 2009, 10:51

Abu Dhabi: A French man was run over by a car on Wednesday morning while he was getting across the road using a zebra crossing, officials told Gulf News.

The accident happened around 11.30 am close to the Emirates Palace along Corniche Road.

The man has been identified as 45 year old S.J, an official said, on conditions of anonymity.

“As per initial reports, the man was trying to cross the road using the zebra crossing adjacent to the Emirates Palace hotel on the way towards Marina mall”, he said.

The driver who caused the accident reportedly fled the scene.

As many as twenty-two pedestrians were killed and 18 others were severely injured between January 2009 and February 26, according to the latest figures released by Abu Dhabi police.


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