You Tube


Yesterday our local English language newspaper, Gulf News, posted a poll asking people what they thought about You Tube.  The options were:

  • You Tube should be banned
  • You Tube should be censored
  • You Tube should be left as is
  • You Tube should be used as a tool for free speech
  • I don’t care about You Tube

Because I couldn’t sleep last night I saw it posted in the early morning. The results were clearly in favour of ‘You Tube should be left as is’.

At 10am the votes looked a little different (cough cough).  The overwhelming majority said You Tube should be banned (approx 60% votes). The rest of the results remained distributed in much the same manner as they had been earlier in the morning.

Now, why would that be I wonder?


4 responses to “You Tube

  1. So what do you think about youtube?

    Personally, I think you can find some entertaining and even educational videos on youtube if you look in the right places. Of course, it’s mixed in with the pointless videos, but those videos don’t last long. So I think it should be left as is.

    Anyway, interesting topic! I’m sure it’ll stir up more comments in the future.

    • I’ve accidentally viewed some stuff on YouTube that I find very disturbing. However, I don’t think that’s a good enough reason to block it.

      YouTube provides heaps of entertainment and is a great communication tool.

      I think we should be able to take it for granted that we will have access to it.

  2. Now I’m very curious. What were some of the disturbing things that you witnessed on youtube because I haven’t seen anything horrifying.

    The worst I’ve seen or I should say heard is many vulgar topics/language expressed from both kids and adults.

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