Rubbish Room

We have a waste disposal system in our apartment block.  To get rid of your rubbish you take the rubbish bag and walk down the hallway to the cryptically-named Rubbish Room. In the Rubbish Room there is a Rubbish Chute. To dispose of your rubbish you pull open the door and throw the rubbish down the chute.

Well, you’re meant to.

It seems a number of people take the sign on the door literally (the room where the rubbish goes?) and place their rubbish bags on the floor of the Rubbish Room.

I find this perplexing.

It’s particularly annoying when you cannot get to the chute because the floor is covered in half-open bags of dinner leftovers that look like the outcasts from an Asian  food hall.rubbish2

The Korean always looks pretty good. Thanks to my next-door neighbour for that one. Apparently she has never lived in an apartment building before with a rubbish chute.  I find this a bit weird because don’t almost all Koreans live in apartments? How do they get rid of their rubbish? That’s one thing I failed to investigate on my trip to Seoul last year.

Needless to say I shall be paying close attention next time.

You’d also be surprised how many dead kitchen  appliances can fit into a 1m square room. Of course, it’s all in the stacking.

I once found a couch in there, upended.


3 responses to “Rubbish Room

  1. …your couch is probably the spiritual partner to the one we have next door, languishing next to the wheelie bins. How the flat-dweller thought that the garbos might squeeze in a three-seater in blue velvet during their wheelie bin run is beyond even blind optimism.

    • I think these people have very small ‘territories.’ As in, the couch is outside my front door and is now no longer my problem!

      I didn’t mention the refrigerator in there one day that appeared to be completely covered in hand-smearings of chocolate. Yep. That’s what I am telling myself it was. Chocolate.

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