It’s 1am, only an hour after my last post.

I measured his sugars and he is 2.6.  That’s on the road to recovery and he looks fine.  Exhauted but fine. (He is always exhausted after a hypo.) I’ve put him to bed with Richard in his usual spot (under the arm) while I drink a cup of tea and check out if eBay has my dream handbag yet.

I don’t actually know what this bag is.  I hope I’ll know it when I see it.

And I hope that when I see it it will be within budget.

To aid in the budget part, I have a preselected search that removes anything with Hermes or Vuitton in it. That still leaves plenty of room for damage right?

If you like bags then check out PurseBlog.  I have kindly set the link to take you to the Chloe selection.  Me likey.

The Edith (which I love but which tends to take people out in the mall and therefore might get me arrested and possibly deported if I don't downgrade to something more aerodynamic).

The Edith, which I love but which tends to bang into people in the mall, and therefore might get me arrested and possibly deported. It's time to change to something more aerodynamic.


3 responses to “Mozzwatch

  1. You and I share another love–besides cats 🙂 I looooove purses and try very hard to only buy 1 a year and never go over $300. I like B. Makowsky now–my last 2 were his. Big with a lot of hardware. His stuff is still less $$ than most of the other designer bags but good quality and nice-looking, I think. But I sure covet a lot of other purses. I know so many women who are not into purses at all; they think I’m nuts and vice versa.

    I also like jewelry, cameras, laptops, vintage silver…

    • How can you not love purses right? It’s not the most economical hobby though is it? LOL I actually think 300USD is a good price to pay for a bag. You can get a lot of bag for that!
      Any favourite brands for me to check out?
      Dubai is messing up my concept of the value of things though. There is just so much money here. It’s weird but even though I spend more on things here than I would have before, I actually find I spend less money overall.
      Maybe because the bar is just so high here there is no point trying to compete (not that I would have admitted to doing this anyway but you know what I mean).

  2. Well, I like Michael Kors but I’ve never had one. I like Dooney and I have one of those. I used to like Coach but not anymore really. So, I guess my current fave is B. Makowsky. I don’t think I would get a Marc Jacobs because, like I said, $300 is tops for me. My ex-boss had all the designer bags: Prada, Lois Vuitton, Marc Jacobs–so it was fun to see her purses. I was really the only one who truly appreciated them.

    Is Dubai going to be your permanent home or are you just there for awhile?

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