The last update was after Mozz had a hypo after his evening insulin. He had been needing less and less insulin and we had even skipped some doses. Skipping a dose was definitely a big milestone for Mozz.

He reached another milestone today. His blood sugar readings actually dropped without an insulin shot!

What had been happening previously was this: If Mozz’s sugars were too low to warrant an insulin injection we would simply skip it and then test him again 12 hours later.  If  he hadn’t reached a certain level on the sugar scale we would skip another dose and then re-test him.  And so on.

The day before yesterday, he was around 8.0 all day (morning and evening). He didn’t get any insulin then either because 8.0 is still below the ‘normal’ level for cats of 10-15. (For humans it is between 5-10.)

Yesterday, he was around 9.4 all day (9.3 in the morning and 10.3 in the evening).  He didn’t get any insulin then either. (We have decided only to administer it when he reaches 12.5.)

If we examine the pattern, his sugar readings go up slowly from the time of the last insulin injection, as the effect of the insulin wears off.

Except today, when this morning he measured 8.5, after measuring 10.3 the previous evening. This was despite receiving no insulin! This is a HUGE step forward for Mozz because it means his pancreas is now producing enough insulin to bring the his blood sugar reading down all by itself.

We were so excited and he looks fantastic today! He measured 11.9 this evening after eating a bowl of cat food (eating raises your blood sugars) which is in the ideal range.

We will be very interested to see if he is able to replicate his effort today when we measure him tomorrow morning.  Will it be higher than 11.9?  Or will his pancreas be able to cope and bring the sugar reading down again?

The magic medicine: a bit of tongue in the ear.

The magic medicine: love from a cute chick!


2 responses to “Mozzwatch

  1. Great! Hope it continues.

  2. He looks like he’s thinking, “I soooo deserve this.” Great news!

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