Mozz measured 14.9 this morning.  That’s at the top end of the ideal scale. We didn’t give him any insulin.

This evening he measured 16.2 so it was time for some insulin. We gave him 2 units.

It has been 4 days since he needed his last shot.  That’s a really long time.

We were discussing how low we thought the insulin shot would bring him down to. Richard thought it might bring him down as low as 10. I thought it might bring him down as low as 8, based on last time we injected him.

We made sure we had dinner at home this evening so we could watch him in case he got a hypo attack.

About an hour after the injection I noticed his back legs looked a little unsteady.’Time for a blood test’ says I. Up on the bench he goes with Richard sticking the pin in the ear.  Holy crap! He’s down to 3.1 already!

He ate  a bunch of cat food and I gave him a few droppers of sugar syrup because I knew he was going to fall further, because the peak is at 3 hours after the injection.

He slept for a bit while we watched him then he woke up to turn over and let out this very specific ‘hypo howl’.  (Doesn’t sound like his usual noises – its louder and deeper.)

‘Okay, time for another test and some more sugar’ says I. Richard measured him a 2.3 this time and I gave him some more sugar syrup and a roast chicken wing.  He’s scoffed that and gone back to sleep now.

Mozzle's Blood Sugar Levels and Insulin Injections over the past Week.

Mozzle's Blood Sugar Levels and Insulin Injections over the past 2 weeks.

The insulin he is on is too strong for him now I think.  We might need to move to something less potent. Alternatively we can try him on 1 unit of this insulin when he needs it every few days.  However, the experience of the vet is that 1 unit tends to be very ineffective.  It was my understanding that 1 unit is almost too small to have much impact on the blood sugar.  However, it might be what he needs now.

Ideally though it would be good to give him something less potent and more regularly.  Once a day would be ideal.


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