Mozz hasn’t had any insulin since the last time I wrote about it on the March 31 post.

He’s running around the place giving me all kinds of cheek, chirruping away and generally being a complete sleaze.

We are testing his blood sugars once a day now. It seems unnecessary to prick him in the ear twice a day if we are not giving him insulin.  He has been consistently measuring around the 7.0 to 8.0 mark which is fantastic.

This evening he measured 5.3 before eating.  It’s just awesome that his pancreas is producing enough insulin to get his blood sugars down that low naturally, without intervention!

Dare I say it… Is Mozz cured?

It's all smiles in Mozzle-land this week!

It's all smiles in Mozzle-land this week!


8 responses to “Mozzwatch

  1. Mozzle is the best boy – I reckon he’s ok now because he’s got u 2 back and is de-stressed and secure. How his pancreas pulled that one off we’ll never know!

    I’ve survived my first day on the job in the Amoonguna Community. Over Easter we will explore. I’ve fallen for Magnetic Island in a big way and want to build a small but ultra modern house there with some stunning Aboriginal art on the walls and a couple of magic contemporary Australian paintings I have at home. I hear a lot of expats are having to leave Dubai due to ecenomic downturn – are u OK?
    Love Liz

    • He certainly is looking incredibly happy these days. I keep pinching myself that he is still here. It’s a miracle.

      Dubai has definitely slumped for sure. A lot of people have been asked to take temporary pay cuts – including Richard. Fortunately for us we have been living quite conservatively and are managing to save money even with just one of us working.

      It is proving harder for me to find work than I had hoped but that’s a global problem.

      A lot of what I read in the Western media about Dubai is highly exaggerated. There’s definitely a tall poppy syndrome at work there.

  2. Ohhh, that face, that gorgeous, kissable smiley face!

    • Isn’t it funny when animals smile!

      He gave us this great look today. He was sitting on the bed with legs in the air, washing his underneath parts when we walked past the bedroom. He looked up at us with this expression that said, ‘Do you MIND?’

      He has a very expressive face for a cat. It’s more like a dog’s really.

  3. He looks very pleased with himself so I bet he is cured! That is great news.

    I’ve always worried about having a cat develop diabetes. My mom’s cat has been sick and that was one of the possibilities and I was very worried because she is 88 and lives 2,000 miles away from me. I wasn’t sure she would be able to do all the blood sugars and insulin. Fortunately, it is hyperthyroidism that her cat has and the vet feels he will be okay with one little pill a day. I hope so!!!!!

    • Sorry to hear your Mum’s cat has hyperthyroidism but glad that it is easily treatable.

      Yes, a diabetic cat in the early stages is an intense commitment. You could definitely reduce the risks by putting the insulin into the syringes and writing the day and time on them for dosage. That would reduce the risk of accidentally double-dosing (even people forget they have injected themsleves sometimes and do it twice, particularly in the early morning.)

      You really need good eyesight to watch for hypoglycemia in the early weeks/months of diabetes. That could be an issue too.

      I guess the best way to avoid diabetes is to keep their weight down, although some say that for cats this doesn’t make as much difference as dogs.

      On the other hand, non-anxious cats are incredibly resilient. It the cat is a ‘cool cat’ he will probably manage.

  4. I just talked to her tonight and her cat is doing great. Somehow, she lucked out and is able to put his pill in his food and he actually eats it! I’ve never had a cat do that. But I’m really glad it happened for her. He’s had his pill for 6 days and is much improved. He has his appetite back and is getting active again so, hopefully, he will stay stable this way for a looong time. He’s only about 9 or so.

  5. miriam wronski

    Yay for Mr Mozzleberry!

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