Camel Milk

I was in the local supermarket the other day – Choithram’s – and I saw what I initially thought was a container of Caramel Milk for sale.

Then I realised it said, Camel Milk!

Awesome! I might even try some.

Camel Milk (Image Source:

Camel Milk (Image Source:


7 responses to “Camel Milk

  1. Hi
    You will come accross many new things in Dubai.

    • Hi Hemant,
      You are so right. Dubai is growing so rapidly that I see some new road, building or concept every day!
      You write very nicely about Dubai on your blog. Maybe you should write for the Dubai Tourism authority or something similar?

  2. Oh no! You’ve been in Dubai so long and have not tried it yet? tz tz tz 😀

    I like it, Spinneys also have it. And you can find it in small bottles with different flavours. I hated the Saffron one, but the Dates and Strawberry ones are good!

    • I read that it is higher in Vitamin C that cows milk, and lower in fat.

      I will give it a try. I didn’t know they made it in flavoured milk too!

  3. Question for you: are you familiar with the top restaurants of Dubai? If Yes, what would be your top 5 picks for finest upscale restaurants there (I am interested by a world tour of the top tables at major gastronomic cities, and I believe Dubai might fit in that description), Thanks

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